March 2016
The Scalford Hall Hotel, Melton Mowbray


With excellent attendance figures, with a wider range of systems than ever before, and with some monumental custom-built equipment, the 2016 Hifi Wigwam show has already been widely hailed as a real triumph, immensely enjoyed by exhibitors and guests alike.

The show is now an established event in the hi-fi calendar due to its unique format. The vast majority of rooms at the show (around 50 in total this year!) are hosted by enthusiasts, who bring their own systems, at their own expense, purely for the fun of it. For visitors, this is an unmatched opportunity to get to hear a vast range of systems and components, with a similarly vast range of sizes and costs.

And this year, the range was truly spectacular - from small standmount speakers to towering monsters and with sources ranging from notebook computers and reel-to-reel tape, to incredibly large and complex turntables.

About the show

  • The show

    The Hifi Wigwam show started as a simple get together of enthusiasts in one place, with the sole purpose of listening to each other's systems. Since then, it has grown year on year and is now recognised as a notable annual show. The basic format remains the same, but the number of rooms and variety of equipment is now all but endless and represents almost the entire hi-fi spectrum.

  • The forum

    The HiFi Wigwam forum has been around for many years and is one of the most lively, humorous, controversial and irreverent forums on the Internet today! Its members have a seemingly infinite range of ages, occupations, backgrounds, other hobbies, and most of all - opinions.

    They may be different in many ways, but there is one thing everyone on the forum shares: an enduring passion for music, together with a desire to replay it to the highest possible standards. Some of the exhibitors build their equipment from scratch; some modify it extensively; a few do little more than just measure it; and many simply purchase and enjoy it... but it is all of a standard that is absolutely outstanding.

  • The venue

    Located just a few miles from the picturesque Leicestershire town of Melton Mowbray, and with easy access, the Scalford Hall Hotel has been the show venue for more than a few years. With attractive gardens and grounds, and ample parking, it is an ideal place for the show. The hotel has good facilities, including a decent restaurant and bar which will are open all day.

the raffle

The show raffle has proved very popular in the past, and this year was certainly no exception. All the raffle proceeds go to charity, and as a result of excellent attendance over £3000 was raised for Mind.

In addition, the Bring & Buy sale raised nearly £1800 for Cancer Research.

The raffle prizes are all donated by forum members and dealers and the prizes were spectacular, with a first prize of an Inspire Enigma turntable very generously given by Guildford Audio. In all, around 30 lucky people won prizes ranging from a Melton Mowbray pie, to records, CDs, accessories, and various pieces of equipment, including two more turntables.

All in all, an excellent result for worthy causes. View the list of prizes.

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